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Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Radiology. Since the establishment of the Kanazawa Medical University Hospital in April, 1972, we have been diagnosing and treating patients in the Central Radiology Division using the most advanced medical equipment.
All of our staff are working together to treat patients in the fields of diagnostic radiography, radiotherapy and interventional radiology (IVR).
In 2009, the clinical facility for Central Radiology moved to the 1st floor of the Hospital New Wing II, and the equipment for diagnostic radiography and radiotherapy was renewed. We hope that you will get to know about our work and the atmosphere of the department through this HP. Thank you.

Contact Information

TEL: 076-286-2211(ext.3236) +81-76-286-2211 / FAX: 076-286-8096 / Email:


Professor and Chair

  • MATOBA Munetaka 主任教授


  • WATANABE Naoto
  • MINAMI Tetsuya

Senior Assistant Professor

  • TAKAHASHI Tomoko
  • DOAI Mariko

Assistant Professor

  • OTA Kiyotaka
  • KONDO Tamaki
  • TOYOTA Ichiro
  • TUCHIYA Naoko
  • OOISO Kazumasa

Research Achievements

Research Activities

  • Watanabe N, Yokoyama K, Kinuya S, Tonami H. Evaluation of cytological radiation damage to lymphocytes after I-131 metaiodobenzylguanidine therapy by the cytokinesis-blocked micronucleus assay. Ann Nucl Med 2016;30(9):624-628.
  • Matoba M, Tuji H, Shimode Y, Kondo T, Oota K, Tonami H.
    The role of changes in maximum standardized uptake value of FDG PET-CT for post-treatment surveillance in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma treated with chemoradiotherapy: Preliminary findings. Br J Radiol 2017: Jan 5:20150404. doi:10.1259/bjr.20150404. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Matoba M, Tuji H, Shimode Y, Kondo T, Oota K, Tonami H. Lesion regression rate based on RECIST: prediction of treatment outcome in patients with head and neck cancer treated with chemoradiotherapy compared with FDG PET-CT. J Radiat Res 2015;56(3):553-560.
  • Doai M,Tonami H, Tsuchiya N, Akai T, Kurose N, Hirata K.
    1H-MR spectroscopy in a case of isolated intracranial Rosai-Dorfman disease.Journal of neurological sciences 2015;31(4):790-795
  • Tsuchiya N, Doai M,Usuda K,Uramoto H,Tonami H.Non-small cell lung cancer:whole-lesion histogram analysis of the apparent diffusion coefficient for assessment of tumor grade,lymphovascular invasion and pleural invasion.PLoS One.In press.

External Research Funding

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) 2016-2019 Naoto Watanabe
    Evaluation of DNA radiation damage to lymphocytes after radium-223 therapy
  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) 2016-2018 Tetsuya Minami
  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) 2015-2017 Munetaka Matoba
    Investigation of new diagnostic imaging to predict clinical outcome for head and neck cancer patients treated with chemoradiotherapy.
  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)2013-2015 Mariko Doai
    Radiotoxicity after Sr-89 therapy for bone metastases using r-H2AX foci of DNA damage in lymphocytes
  • Hokkoku Cancer Research Foundation 2014 Munetaka Matoba
    Assessment of perfuison CT for the prediction of treatment response in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma after chemoradiotherapy